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Welcome to the MINOS+ web-based online monitoring page!

This page shows plots for the Near Detector. See here for the Far Detector page.

These pages should update every few minutes with live plots of the data currently being taken by the MINOS Near Detector. To view the live data, select the option under "Current run" below. Monitoring plots from a number of recent runs are also available under "Old runs".

After selecting a run you will be confronted with two columns of plots. The sidebar at the left of the screen can be used to select different categories of plots to view. The left-hand column shows the monitoring plots for the run you have selected, and the right-hand column shows reference plots from a good run for comparison. Check carefully for differences between the two columns when filling out checklists. Clicking on any plot will open a full-sized version in a separate window.

Current run:

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Old runs (past 7 days):

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